Chambre de Sucre Gourmet Tea & Sugar Giveaway!

Congratulations to giveaway winner, Kathleen Au of San Diego!

Only one week left to enter..don’t miss out!!!  Giveaway ends 9/23/2013 at midnight!

After all this talk of Chambre de Sucre, how could I not try to include a giveaway?  Thirsty for Tea is featuring a giveaway this month for a full set of Chambre de Sucre’s new line of gourmet teas.

The winner will be lucky enough to receive 7 boxed samples of Chambre de Sucre’s lovely tea blends. Each box is enough to brew a full large pot of tea, so it’s time to invite your friends over for a tea tasting!  The runner-up will win a variety of Chambre de Sucre’s beautiful sugars, featured in my post from last week.

Steps to Enter the CdS Tea & Sugar Giveaway:

1.)  “LIKE” Chambre de Sucre on Facebook and Twitter and link back to this post

2.)  Send me your favorite tea or tea food recipe

3.)  Post a comment anywhere on my blog

Please send recipe submissions to and have your submissions in by midnight, Monday September 23rd.  Good Luck!!


2 thoughts on “Chambre de Sucre Gourmet Tea & Sugar Giveaway!

  1. I’ve always wanted to try Chambre de Sucre sugars but never knew about the teas.
    I’m a little confused on the 1st step of the giveaway; however, I “liked” the FB page (my FB name is Kathleen Au), and I’ve followed the Twitter account (under the username kxrxkxt). Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

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