Tea of the Week: Spicely Organic’s Sweet Turmeric Kick

Sweet Tumeric If you’re looking for a tea to tip off the start of autumn, Spicely Organic’s Sweet Turmeric Kick will get things moving into full swing. This “tea” actually isn’t tea-based at all. Instead, it combines the warm flavors of ground turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon into a bright and soothing herbal blend that’s completely camellia sinensis free.

Spicely Organics is a San Francisco based company well-known for their huge variety of organic spices, so making a spice-based tea is certainly natural leap for them. Sweet Turmeric Kick’s light, lingering notes of honey-like sweetness come from vanilla powder and stevia. The spicy and sweet flavors meld together to make a snappy yet smooth cup of tea.

After brewing, expect the ground spices to pool at the bottom of your teacup or teapot, so periodically stir the tea if you want the full taste of the spices to come through in every sip. You can also try steeping the tea in regular milk, almond milk, or soy milk for some added heft and creaminess. On a cool fall day and even into winter, the brew will taste delicious this way.

Tasting Notes for Spicely Organic’s Sweet Turmeric Kick:

BREWING TIPS:  A half teaspoon for every 8 ounces doesn’t seem like much but it’s the perfect amount! Brew at 200-210 degrees F and enjoy warm.

THE BLEND:  Bright, auburn-orange powder with the tiniest fibers of ginger flecked throughout.

THE SCENT:  The blend itself smells earthy, slightly mustardy, and peppery. Once it’s brewed, the tea smells lighter and sweeter, and has a honey-like essence.

THE STEEP:  Brews to the most beautiful shade of bright, sunny orange. The brew is slightly cloudy when you first brew it, but it will become clearer once the spices settle. The steep tastes of butternut squash, pumpkin pie, and sweet melon.

GET IT:  The blend is available at Spicely Organics’s website.

FOOD PAIRING:  This would be perfect with Indian foods like a fresh piece of Spice in the City’s Garlic Naan Bread or My Food Tapestry’s Beetroot Parathas. The tea would also be great for breakfast with other hearty breads like muffins and whole grain bread or even french toast or pancakes.

28 thoughts on “Tea of the Week: Spicely Organic’s Sweet Turmeric Kick

  1. Excellent “tea” suggestion, Bonnie. We make our own concoction of a similar drink with turmeric (for its purported health properties), but I will definitely check out Spicely’s version. What a fun drawing on the tea packaging.

    • Glad you love it Ngan! I’m interested in how you prepare your turmeric drink? Do you add other spices or ingredients into it? Spicely’s version is great because it’s so easy to make, and I love that you can incorporate it into recipes too. And yes, love the whimsical packaging…makes me think of all the kids going back to school. 🙂

    • Wow, a turmeric smoothie? Hey, I’m sure somehow you could make that recipe work Patty…maybe throw some of this tea powder in!

      I cannot wait for fall to start feeling like fall! Shouldn’t be too much longer right? 🙂

      • Yeah, this powder would be a lot better than what I did!! Yes, a couple more weeks until the official start of fall. Who knows when the heat will last up here! We’re going to be in the mid-90s all this week. YUCK.

  2. I LOVE turmeric in pretty much any/all culinary situations, but have never heard of it being incorporated into a tea. Let’s hope Spicely (and its beautiful packaging!) makes it across the Atlantic to the UK soon!

    • The brew is really very delicious Rachel! Definitely a new take on tea, but I’ve seen some other tea companies starting to make similar turmeric blends so perhaps you’ll run into one soon! If I see one that ships to the UK I will let you know…:)

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