Tea of the Week: TeaGschwendner’s Asian Pear

From apples to pumpkins and now to pears! It’s been a busy fruit-filled week here at Thirsty for Tea. There are certain fruits that mark the beginning of fall, and Asian pears are one of my favorites. Crisp, juicy, and not-too-sweet, Asian pears have finally met their tea-steeped match in TeaGschwendner’s divine Asian Pear blend.

TeaGschwendner is a flavored green tea bursting with fresh pear flavor and aroma. It’s easy to associate the term “flavored” with a tea that’s strong in tastes that aren’t natural, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth when it comes to this blend. The flavor of pear in this tea is subtle and mild, as if you had juiced a pear and infused some of its syrupy goodness in each sip.

TeaGschwendner’s Asian Pear blend reminds me of freshly fallen leaves mixed together with ripe, juicy pears…a heavenly combination that’s mellow and comforting. This is a luxurious treat for any green tea lover–an award-winning tea from the 2012 North American Tea Championship that’s delicate yet full of fruity flavor. Each sip is a reminder of autumn’s most beautiful flavors.

Tasting Notes for TeaGschwendner’s Asian Pear:

BREWING TIPS:  190 degrees F for 1-2 minutes. Most enjoyable and flavorful on the first brew.

THE BLEND:  A mix of Indian, Japanese, and Ceylon green teas with orange blossoms and Asian pear bits scattered throughout. Medium to large green tea leaves with some thin stems.

THE SCENT:  Like a soft perfume with notes of honey and vanilla. Slightly citrusy from the orange blossoms.

THE STEEP:  A fresh, mild green tea that’s very slightly astringent. Warm and fruity with a gentle yet distinctive pear essence. A kiss of honey-like sweetness without any sugar or artificial flavorings.

GET IT:  At the TeaGschwendner site or at one of TeaGschwendner’s stores in Chicago or abroad.

FOOD PAIRING:  Very satisfying when paired with some fresh, juicy slices of Asian pear or Pumpkin & Green Tea Dango (without the black sesame sauce). Would also be delicious with some hot out of the oven Crisp Apple Strudel or Apple Pie Buns.

15 thoughts on “Tea of the Week: TeaGschwendner’s Asian Pear

  1. Which is the best tea for my health?This is the most common question we hear at Seven Cups. There are many factors to consider when answering this question.

    Tea and its health benefits have been enjoyed by Asians for thousands of years. Since ancient times, green tea has been prized as a traditional tonic for keeping the body and soul in good condition

    • I think most people will say that green tea is the best for you but like you said, different teas offer different benefits! Green tea is one of my favs not only for health but for exceptional flavor. 🙂

  2. I’ve never been a big fan of green tea because I think it sometimes ends up tasting too “grassy” but you make me want to try this fruity version Bonnie! I love that you have tea pairings pointed out too because I’ve always been interested in how to highlight flavors in food! And who doesn’t like food with their tea? 😉

    • Do you normally drink Japanese green tea or Chinese green tea? I get a lot of “grassiness” from Japanese teas, but so much with Chinese green teas…you may want to try! 🙂 Happy Thursday girl and thanks so much for the sweet comment!

  3. I must confess that I am not a huge fan of asian pears but the do look a bit different here and could be a different variety. Super interested on how the tea tastes like, I still have to check my Tea Gschwendner if we have this tea in stock 🙂

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