Tea of the Week: Lupicia’s Sakura Matcha Au Lait

There’s something about being in the midst of winter that makes me yearn for sunnier days and brighter steeps. As a food blogger with modest camera knowledge, I’m at the sun’s mercy everyday. A clear, bright day after a host of overcast ones not only brings my craft back to life but also helps to keep the winter blues at bay. Lupicia’s Sakura Matcha Au Lait is a foreshadowing of lovely spring days to come. Sweet and savory with a kick of caffeine, it adds a lively pop of freshness to any dreary day. From the name of this tea, you might expect it to taste like bowl of fresh cherries. I hate to break it to you, but it’s simply not going to taste like that. This tea tastes distinctively of cherry blossoms (sakura)not cherries. In Japan, cherry blossoms are often pickled in salt after flowering in the spring, which is what gives this blend its pleasantly salty and mildly floral taste. For those longing to take a trip to Springtime Japan though their taste buds, this matcha will take you there.
Tasting Notes for Lupicia’s Sakura Matcha au Lait:

BREWING TIPS:  In a large microwave safe bowl or chawan, mix 2 heaping teaspoons of the mix with 8 fluid ounces of milk (I like soy milk or almond milk). Mix thoroughly with a whisk or chasen, then microwave on high for 1 minute. Carefully remove from the microwave, then mix again to create frothy bubbles just before serving.

THE BLEND:  Sugar, powdered green tea, powdered cherry leaf and cherry petal, and aluminum potassium sulfate.

THE SCENT:  Softly grassy. Very subtle on the floral notes.

THE STEEP:  Mildly salty and lightly sweet with a vanilla-like essence. Slightly bitter and earthy as is characteristic of matcha. Brews to a creamy, vibrant leaf green.

GET IT:  Online, at Lupicia or at Lupicia stores in California or Hawaii.

FOOD PAIRING:  This would be yummy with savory or sweet snacks as it borders on the flavor profiles of both. Furikake Tofu Fries, Neapolitan Mochi Cake (for V-Day!), or Smoked Salmon Spring Rolls would all complement this tea’s complex flavor.

28 thoughts on “Tea of the Week: Lupicia’s Sakura Matcha Au Lait

  1. I’ve never seen sakura flavored matcha! We must be in the same frame of mind, I just got a delivery of pickled sakura blossoms so that I can give myself a bit of spring. I also got some hojicha powder so that I can put a different twist on my matcha shortbread cookies. The sakura powder will give me another type to play around with 🙂

    • Oooo, isn’t it the prettiest drink? I love to brew sakura tea in clear tea cups. 🙂 I actually just got some houjicha powder too! I’m looking forward to experimenting with it especially after I visited the MatchaLove soft serve stand at Mitzuwa up in San Jose. Have you ever visited one? I know you would love it there. Houjicha shortbread sounds scrumptious–definitely a fabulous idea.Thanks for stopping by Nicole, always a pleasure hearing from you! 🙂

  2. That matcha looks so pretty! I have learned the hard way that Japanese don’t mean cherry flavour when they say sakura and I am very cautious about anything sakura blossom related now haha. It does sound nice but I am not sure If I could appreciate the saltiness of it.

    • I totally know what you mean Beatrice! When you are expecting cherry flavor, saltiness is the opposite of what you are expecting. For me, the right cup of sakura tea is only mildly salty, which fits this tea’s description. If you ever consider giving it a second try this one would be the one to reach for. 😉

  3. Bonnie every professional photographer is on mercy of the natural light, and your knowledge is not modest, come on! Your pictures are very good, kind of soft and creating this nice, gentle atmosphere of 5 p.m. afternoon tea, which I personally love 😊

    • You are so sweet, Marta. I totally take my shots around afternoon tea time, but only because it takes me that long to get my act together! I’ll be happy when springtime arrives…a few extra hours of light would do me good! 😉 Thanks girl, hope you are having an awesome Sunday!

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